Table 1
Homicides against police officers by province and territory, 1961 to 2009

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Province and territory number rate1
Newfoundland and Labrador 1 2.6
Prince Edward Island 0 0.0
Nova Scotia 2 3.0
New Brunswick 5 9.2
Quebec 41 6.3
Ontario 44 4.9
Manitoba 6 6.2
Saskatchewan 7 8.0
Alberta 14 7.3
British Columbia 10 3.8
Yukon 0 0.0
Northwest Territories 1 15.6
Nunavut 2 54.3
Canada 133 5.6
1. Rates are calculated on the basis of 100,000 actively employed police officers. Population estimates for police officers are from the Police Administration Survey. Due to the unavailability of population data for 1961, the rate of homicides against police officers for that year is based upon estimates for 1962.
Source: Statistics Canada, Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics, Homicide Survey.
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