Table 4
Level of injury sustained against victims of dating violence by sex of victim, 2008

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Injury to victim Total Sex of victim
Female Male
number percent number percent number percent
Total 22,798 100 18,745 100 4,053 100
Unknown 1,215 5 994 5 221 5
No injuries or weapon1 11,823 52 9,734 52 2,089 52
Minor physical injury2 9,415 41 7,745 41 1,670 41
Major physical injury or death3 345 2 272 1 73 2
1. No visible injuries were noted at the time of the incident, or the violation did not involve the use of weapons or physical force against the victim.
2. Minor physical injury is an injury that required no professional medical treatment or only some first aid (e.g. band aid, ice, etc.).
3. Major physical injury is an injury that required professional medical attention at the scene or transportation to a medical facility.
Note: Percentages may not add up to 100% due to rounding. Excludes incidents where the sex and/or the age of the victim was unknown. Includes victims aged 15 to 98. Dating violence refers to violence committed by current and former boyfriends/girlfriends and other intimate partners. The 2008 data are based upon information reported by police services covering 98% of the population of Canada.
Source: Statistics Canada, Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics, Incident-based Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR2) Survey.
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