Table 5
Proportion of families receiving regular payment due in an average month, 2007/2008

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Monthly average, 2007/2008
Number of families Full amount
of support received
Partial amount of support received No support received
number percent percent
Prince Edward Island1 1,515 100 56 10 34
Nova Scotia2 12,500 100 54 8 38
Alberta 28,270 100 58 7 34
Yukon2 315 100 56 8 36
Northwest Territories 495 100 46 12 42
Total 43,095 100 57 8 36
Note: "Families" includes all families with children aged 19 years and under enrolled in a Non-ISO or ISO-out case and living in the jurisdiction. For each jurisdiction, the monthly support payments for some families are enforced by another Maintenance Enforcement Program (MEP). The results should not be used to evaluate the performance of each MEP. Not all families have a regular payment due each month. Reasons for this include: the case is inactive (e.g., a new case going through the registration process or there's a stay of enforcement on the regular payment obligation), the payment obligations may have expired and the case remains open to collect on arrears, or they have a different payment schedule, such as quarterly. Percentages may not add to 100% due to rounding.
ISO = Interjurisdictional Support Orders.
1. In Prince Edward Island, payments made directly from the payor to the recipient are not categorized as payments received, unlike in other jurisdictions. Therefore, cases making direct payments are counted as non-compliant, even though they may actually be in full or partial compliance.
2. Nova Scotia and Yukon maintain a policy of allowing direct payments to be made and received by their clientele throughout the case duration, and since some of these direct payments are not reported until after the survey data are collected, some payors are reported as not having paid, even though they actually have. About 1% of cases each month report a payment, or payments, being made in a previous month.
Source: Statistics Canada, Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics, Survey of Maintenance Enforcement Programs
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