Canada: Economic and Financial Data - International Monetary Fund's Special Data Dissemination Standard Plus (SDDS Plus)

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Canada: Economic and financial data - SDDS Plus
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SDMX dissemination is not required for this category.

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Real sector
National Accounts Statistics Canada NAG.XML (1416 KB) Metadata
Sectoral balance sheets Statistics Canada SBS.XML (11251 KB) Metadata
Production index Statistics Canada IND.XML (33 KB) Metadata
Employment Statistics Canada EMP.XML (227 KB) Metadata
Unemployment Statistics Canada UEM.XML (267 KB) Metadata
Wages/earnings Statistics Canada WOE.XML (106 KB) Metadata
Consumer Price Index Statistics Canada CPI.XML (992 KB) Metadata
Producer Price Index Statistics Canada PPI.XML (63 KB) Metadata
Fiscal sector
General government operations Statistics Canada GGO.XML (374 KB) Metadata
General government gross debt Statistics Canada GGD.XML (123 KB) Metadata
Central government operations Statistics Canada CGO.XML (148 KB) Metadata
Central government debt Statistics Canada CGD.XML (136 KB) Metadata
Financial sector
Depository corporations survey Statistics Canada DCS.XML (858 KB) Metadata
Central bank survey Statistics Canada CBS.XML (906 KB) Metadata
Other financial corporations survey Statistics Canada OFS.XML (24 KB) Metadata
Financial soundness indicators  

Regulatory Tier 1 capital to risk-weighted assets

Statistics Canada FSI_123456.XML (17 KB) Metadata

Regulatory Tier 1 capital to assets

Statistics Canada FSI_123456.XML (17 KB) Metadata

Nonperforming loans net of provisions to capital

Statistics Canada FSI_123456.XML (17 KB) Metadata

Nonperforming loans to total gross loans

Statistics Canada FSI_123456.XML (17 KB) Metadata

Return on assets

Statistics Canada FSI_123456.XML (17 KB) Metadata

Liquid assets to short-term liabilities

Statistics Canada FSI_123456.XML (17 KB) Metadata

Residential real estate prices

CREA FSI_7.XML (19 KB) Metadata
Debt securities Statistics Canada DSE.XML (22 KB) Metadata
Interest ratesFootnote 1 Statistics Canada   Metadata
Stock market TSX   Metadata
External sector
Balance of payments Statistics Canada BOP.XML (1198 KB) Metadata
Official reserve assets Statistics Canada ILV1.XML (342 KB) Metadata
Data template on International reserves and foreign currency liquidity template Finance Canada ILV2.XML (875 KB) Metadata
Merchandise trade Statistics Canada MET.XML (125 KB) Metadata
International investment position Statistics Canada IIP.XML (513 KB) Metadata
Gross external debt position Statistics Canada EXD.XML (224 KB) Metadata
Coordinated portfolio investment surveyFootnote 1 CPIS IMF   Metadata
Coordinated direct investment surveyFootnote 1 CDIS IMF   Metadata
COFERFootnote 1     Metadata
Exchange ratesFootnote 1 Statistics Canada   Metadata
Population Statistics Canada POP.XML (26 KB) Metadata
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