Examples: Maps and geospatial products

Maps from the Statistics Canada website

Statistics Canada. 2007. Nunavut: 2006 Census Subdivisions (CSDs) with an Inuit Identity Population of 100 or More (map). "Thematic maps." "2006 Census: Geography." Census.
NUAboriginal_TotalInuitIDPop_ec.pdf (accessed November 14, 2008).

Statistics Canada. 2002. "QuébecCMA Median Age, 2001 by Census Tract" (map). "Thematic maps." "2001 Census of Population." Census.
http://geodepot.statcan.ca/Diss/Maps/ThematicMaps/age_sex /CMA/
Quebec_medage_ec_f3.pdf (accessed August 16, 2005).

Statistics Canada. No date. Manitoba – 2006 Census Agricultural Regionsand Census Divisions (map). "Reference Maps." "2006 Census of Agriculture." Census. Last updated October 26, 2007.
http://www.statcan.ca/english/agcensus2006/maps/mancar.pdf (accessed July 15, 2008)

Maps from a publication

Citing a map from a publication in PDF or HTML

Statistics Canada. 2004. "Exposure to second-hand smoke in the home, by health region, 2003" (map). Health Indicators.Vol. 2004, no. 1. Statistics Canada Catalogue no. 82-221-XIE. p. 1. Last updated July 12, 2004.
http://www.statcan.ca/english/freepub/82-221-XIE/2005001/pdf/2428m_03.pdf (accessed November 20, 2008).

Statistics Canada. 2002. "Moncton, N.B. (13), CMA/CA code 305, map 2 of 2" (map). Census Tract Reference Maps by Census Metropolitan Areas and Census Agglomerations. 2001 Census. Statistics Canada Catalogue no. 92F0145XIB. Ottawa, Ontario. Last updated January 30, 2003.
New%20Brunswick&startrow=1 (accessed November 20, 2008).

Statistics Canada. No date. "1665/1666 New France: Five major areas with all settlements" (map). Censuses of Canada 1665 to 1871. Statistics Canada Catalogue no. 98-187-XIE. Ottawa, Ontario. Last updated October 22, 2008.
http://www.statcan.ca/english/freepub/98-187-XIE/nfr.pdf (accessed November 20, 2008).

Citing a map from a print publication

Bradshaw, Claire. 2004. "Where the grapes are" (map). "From Concord to Chardonnay: Canada's grape transformation." Canadian Agriculture at a Glance. Statistics Canada Catalogue no. 96-325-XPB. Ottawa, Ontario. p. 85.

Clark, Warren. 2003. "Canada: Monthly religious attendance, 1999 to 2001" (map). "Pockets of belief: Religious attendance patterns in Canada." Canadian Social Trends.Vol. 2003, no. 68. Statistics Canada Catalogue no. 11-008-XPE. p. 4.

Statistics Canada. 2004. "Moncton: Census agglomeration (CA), map 2 of 2. Census tract reference maps by census metropolitan areas and census agglomerations" (map). Profile of Census Tracts in Moncton and Saint John, 2001 Census. Statistics Canada Catalogue no. 95-230-XPB. Ottawa, Ontario. Last updated February.

Statistics Canada. 2002. "Alberta north part" (map). "Provincial maps, census divisions, 2001 Census." Standard Geographical Classification 2001: Volume II, Reference Maps. Map 16. Statistics Canada Catalogue no. 12-572-XPB. Ottawa, Ontario. Scale: 1:850,000.

Maps created using geographic information system (GIS) software

Statistics Canada. 2004. Ottawa–Hull Urban Area, Highest Level of Education, University Degree (map). Using 2001 Census, Ottawa–Hull CMA Census Tract (cartographic boundary file, gct_505b02a_e.exe) 2001 Census (data file). Using ArcGIS, Version 9.0 (Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc., Redlands, Calif.). Ottawa, Ontario. University of Ottawa Geographic Information and Data Centre. Scale: 2 cm = 1 km, approximately.

Electronic mapping toolsNote 1

Citing GeoSearch
Statistics Canada. 2007. GeoSearch 2006. 2006 Census. Statistics Canada Catalogue no. 92-197-XWE. Ottawa, Ontario. Last updated June 26, 2008.
/bsolc/olc-cel/olc-cel?lang=eng&catno=92-197-X (accessed November 26, 2008).

Citing GeoSuite
Statistics Canada. 2007. GeoSuite. 2006 Census (Geography Products: Geographic Data Products). Statistics Canada Catalogue no. 92-150-XBB. Ottawa, Ontario. March 13. CD-ROM.

Cartographic boundary files

Statistics Canada. 2007. Population Ecumene Census Division Cartographic Boundary File. Statistics Canada Catalogue no. 92-159-XWE. March 13.
http://geodepot.statcan.ca/Diss2006/DataProducts/PopEcumene_e.jsp (accessed July 14, 2008).

Statistics Canada. 2002. Dissemination Areas, Montréal CMA, 2001 Census (cartographic boundary file, gda_462b02a_e.exe). Arc Info Edition. System requirements: Arc Info Interchange for Windows.

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