Survey Methodology

Survey Methodology is a peer-reviewed statistical journal published twice a year by Statistics Canada. Since its inaugural year in 1975, it has acquired the worldwide reputation of a high-quality journal and a key source of information for survey statisticians and methodologists. Survey Methodology usually publishes innovative theoretical or applied research papers, and sometimes review papers, that provide new insights on statistical methods relevant to National Statistical Offices and other statistical organizations. Topics of interest include:

  • design and estimation issues for probability surveys under practical constraints
  • calibration and other weighting methods
  • issues in repeated and longitudinal surveys
  • approaches to inference from survey data
  • analysis of survey data
  • total survey error and methods for correcting non-sampling errors, such as survey non-response, coverage and measurement errors
  • editing and imputation techniques
  • mixed-mode, adaptive and other modern data collection techniques
  • methods that use or combine multiple sources of data, including probability and non-probability survey data, census data, administrative data, paradata and big data
  • statistical data integration
  • small area estimation
  • record linkage
  • quality evaluation of probability survey estimates or estimates obtained from multiple data sources, including variance estimation methods
  • research, development and application of machine learning methods for solving problems relevant to National Statistical Offices
  • disclosure control methods, confidentiality and privacy issues
  • methods for the analysis of time series
  • quality assurance and quality control methods
  • methodological issues in the development of generalized systems

Authors can submit papers either to the regular section of the Journal or to the short notes section for contributions under 3,000 words, including tables, figures and references. All papers are peer-reviewed. However, the review process may be streamlined for short notes.  

Survey Methodology is indexed in The ISI Web of knowledge (Web of science), The Survey Statistician, Statistical Theory and Methods Abstracts and SRM Database of Social Research Methodology, Erasmus University and is referenced in the Current Index to Statistics, and Journal Contents in Qualitative Methods. It is also covered by SCOPUS in the Elsevier Bibliographic Databases. 

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