Aboriginal language indicators for Métis children under the age of six in Canada - ARCHIVED

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This fact sheet provides an Aboriginal language profile of Métis children under the age of six in Canada. The 2006 Aboriginal Children's Survey is used to provide broad indicators of young Métis children's experiences with Aboriginal languages. Data include the ability to speak and understand an Aboriginal language, along with knowledge of English and French. A comparison of first languages learned across the generations is provided. Specific Aboriginal languages used most widely by Métis children are noted. Other indicators include the extent to which Métis children are exposed to Aboriginal languages at home and in the community. Family characteristics associated with Aboriginal language learning are also presented. Finally, the hopes and expectations of parents regarding their children's acquisition of an Aboriginal language are described. Data are generally provided at the Canada level with some provincial breakdowns.

Issue Number: 2010001
Author(s): Bougie, Evelyne; Cloutier, Elisabeth; Tait, Heather
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