Portrait of Official-Language Minorities in Canada: Anglophones in Quebec - ARCHIVED

Articles and reports: 89-642-X2010002


This demolinguistic portrait of the English-speaking population in Quebec was undertaken with the financial support of Canadian Heritage's Official Languages Secretariat, Human Resources and Social Development Canada and Justice Canada. It is one of eleven such portraits of official-language minorities in Canada, prepared by the Statistics Canada's Language Statistics Section.

This study paints a general statistical portrait of the official-language minority in Quebec based on data from the Census of Population and the Survey on the Vitality of Official-language Minorities in Canada, conducted in 2006. The purpose of such a portrait is to present a set of characteristics, behaviours and perceptions of the official-language minority population, exploiting the analytical opportunities contained in the data.

Issue Number: 2010002
Author(s): Chavez, Brigitte; Corbeil, Jean-Pierre; Pereira, Daniel
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HTMLSeptember 23, 2010
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