Aging baby boomers and what it means for domestic travel in the 21st century - ARCHIVED

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The signs are all around us ... from coffee mugs boasting that "There is life after 50" to the popularity of golf to the growing number of adult lifestyle communities: Canada's population is getting older. The aging of the baby boom generation is largely responsible for this trend, coupled with historically low fertility and mortality rates. The baby boom generation has established trends in the marketplace as they have proceeded along the demographic trail. Tourism is no exception. Almost four out of every ten Canadians travelling within Canada were baby boomers in 1996 and they spent 53% of the total domestic expenditures. This article explore how this demographic cohort is influencing many current domestic travel trends and how these may shift in the future based on the travel behaviour of older age groups.

Issue Number: 1998003
Author(s): McDougall, Laurie

Main Product: Travel-log (Touriscope)

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PDFJuly 13, 1998