Adult Criminal Court Data Tables - ARCHIVED

Tables: 85F0032X


This annual product presents summary data on charges and cases dealt with in adult provincial/territorial criminal courts of nine provinces and territories in Canada. Reporting jurisdictions include: Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Quebec, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Yukon, and the Northwest Territories. In addition, Alberta and the Yukon report Superior Court data to the Adult Criminal Court Survey. These jurisdictions represent approximately 80% of the national adult criminal court caseload. Information is presented by age and sex of the accused, type of offence, and type of court decision, and by type of sentence imposed for convictions. Tables are presented in two sections. The first section provides an offence overview of charges and cases heard in adult criminal court. The second consists of provincial and territorial overviews of charges and cases heard in adult criminal court.

Status: Discontinued
Frequency: Annual
Available formats: PDF (discontinued)