Women’s experiences of victimization in Canada’s remote communities

Articles and reports: 85-002-X202200100007

Description: This Juristat article presents findings on the prevalence and characteristics of violence against women in remote areas of Canada. Using data from the 2019 General Social Survey on Canadians’ Safety (Victimization), the 2019 Uniform Crime Reporting Survey, and the 2018 Survey of Safety in Public and Private Spaces, it explores both self-reported and police-reported victimization of women aged 15 and older in areas of Canada which are considered to be remote by the Remoteness Index. Analysis includes intimate partner violence as well as violence committed by non-intimate partners, and various sociodemographic factors are considered. Women’s perceptions of safety are also presented.
Issue Number: 2022001
Author(s): Burczycka, Marta

Main Product: Juristat

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