Self-reported Internet victimization in Canada, 2009 - ARCHIVED

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In 2009, as part of its General Social Survey program, Statistics Canada conducted a survey on victimization and public perceptions of crime and the justice system, which included questions regarding victimization and safety on the Internet. Interviews were conducted by telephone with approximately 19,500 respondents, aged 15 and older, living in the 10 provinces. Respondents aged 18 and over living with children aged 8 to 17 were also asked to provide information on these children's experiences with victimization on the Internet.

This Juristat article presents information on victimizations on the Internet as reported by respondents in 2009, with a particular focus on Internet bank fraud, cyber-bullying, hate content on the Internet and problems with Internet purchases. It analyses the characteristics associated with such incidents, including the socio-demographic risk factors, reporting to authorities and perceptions of general safety on the Internet.

Issue Number: 2011001
Author(s): Perreault, Samuel

Main Product: Juristat

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