An International Perspective on Criminal Victimization, 2004/2005 - ARCHIVED

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In 2004/2005, the International Crime Victimization Survey (ICVS) was conducted for a fifth time. The purpose of the ICVS is to provide comparable international information on the nature and extent of crime using a standard questionnaire, survey procedures and techniques. The international survey measures the prevalence of victimization among people aged 16 and over, based on a series of ten offences. It also covers the reporting of criminal victimization incidents to the police, satisfaction with the police response, victim support, fear of crime, use of crime prevention measures and attitudes toward sentences.

This article is an adaptation of the publication Criminal Victimisation in International Perspective Key findings from the 2004-2005 ICVS and EU ICS. It compares Canada's results with those of other countries who participated in the 2004/2005 survey, focusing on several aspects: victimization prevalence rates, the rates of reporting to the police, and respondents' satisfaction with the police.

Canada participated in the most recent cycle of the survey conducted by Léger Marketing through the Department of Justice of Canada. It is one of the 30 countries that participated in the 2004/2005 cycle, and one of five industrialized countries to have participated in all cycles of the survey.

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Author(s): Kwing, Hung; Sauvé, Julie

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