Firearms and Violent Crime - ARCHIVED

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This report is an examination of the use of firearms to commit violent crime in Canada. Detailed information is presented on the incidence and characteristics of overall firearm-related violent crime as well as among major violent crime categories, such as homicide, attempted murder, robbery, forcible confinement and assault. Geographic trends in firearm-related violent crime are analyzed at the national, provincial/territorial and census metropolitan area levels. Comparisons in firearm-related homicide between Canada and other select countries are also presented. Other key topics include the involvement of youth (12 to 17 years) in firearm-related violent crime and differences between court processing and sentencing outcomes for firearm and non-firearm violent cases. These data are intended to inform researchers, the media and the public on the nature and extent of firearm-related violent crime in Canada.

Issue Number: 2008002
Author(s): Dauvergne, Mia; De Socio, Leonardo

Main Product: Juristat

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