A Comparison of Large Urban, Small Urban and Rural Crime Rates, 2005 - ARCHIVED

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This Juristat presents a comparative analysis of police-reported crime statistics in large urban, small urban and rural areas. It examines overall crime rates as well as the specific offences of homicide, robbery, break-ins and motor vehicle theft in these three geographic areas. Data on the most serious weapon present in violent crimes and victim-offender relationships are likewise analyzed. The report also features the perception of the residents of large urban, small urban and rural areas regarding their safety from crime and the job being done by the police, as well as precautionary measures taken. The 2005 Uniform Crime Reporting Survey and the 2004 General Social Survey on victimization are used as data sources.

Issue Number: 2007003
Author(s): Francisco, Joycelyn

Main Product: Juristat

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PDFJune 28, 2007