Health of Canadians

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Description: The Health of Canadians report brings together important health data, both for the population overall and for specific groups, to provide a comprehensive portrait of population health and to shed light on health disparities. It includes key statistics on population health such as health outcomes (e.g., chronic conditions), health behaviours (e.g., exercise, nutrition), access to health care (e.g., unmet health care needs) and determinants of health (e.g., age, income).

The Health of Canadians report is meant to be used by our federal, provincial and territorial partners, as well as health professionals, researchers, and policymakers across the country to inform policies and plans, leading to better, more equitable health outcomes for all Canadians.
Notes: Effective Fall 2023, earlier issues of this report can be found under the title: Statistical Report on the Health of Canadians.
Frequency: Annual
Available formats: HTML, PDF, Paper (discontinued)

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