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Life expectancy in Canada is excellent -among the highest in the world.

Over 90% of Canada's 136 health regions, containing about 99% of the total population, have life expectancy values within 2.8 years of the overall Canada value.

The health regions with the lowest life expectancies tend to be in remote regions or northern parts of certain provinces and have significant Aboriginal populations. The lower life expectancies are not associated with any one specific cause; rather, the mortality rates in these regions are higher for most causes of death.

Mortality patterns are similar for men and women in the low life expectancy health regions.

Most health regions with higher life expectancy are in and west of Ontario. Mortality rates are generally at least 10% lower for all causes than the Canadian average.

Consistent with other measures of the health of the population, there is an association with socioeconomic factors: life expectancy increases as the rate of unemployment decreases and the level of education increases.

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