National Graduates Survey - Public Use Microdata File, 2015 (time of graduation), 2018 (time of interview)

Public use microdata: 81M0011X2019001

Description: This survey was designed to collect details on topics such as: i) the extent to which graduates of postsecondary programs have been successful in obtaining employment since graduation; ii) the relationship between the graduates' program of study and the employment subsequently obtained; iii) the type of employment obtained and qualification requirements; iv) sources of funding for postsecondary education; and v) government-sponsored student loans and other sources of student debt. The survey results are directed towards policy makers, researchers, educators, employers and persons interested in public postsecondary education and graduates' transition from school to work.

Issue Number: 2019001
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HTMLSeptember 6, 2023
EFTJanuary 14, 2020


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