Low Income Cut Offs from 1994 - 2003 and Low Income Measures 1992 - 2001 - ARCHIVED

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Statistics Canada has been publishing data on low-income Canadians for more than 30 years. In the past, these measures were published separately in Low income cut-offs (Catalogue no. 13-551-XPB) and Low income measures, low-income after-tax cut-offs and low-income after-tax measures (Catalogue no. 13F0019-XPB). Henceforth, all these measures will be incorporated in this publication.

As well as the various cut-offs, this publication contains a detailed description of the methods used to arrive at the cut-off points. There is also an explanation of how base years are defined, and how the cut-offs are updated using the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

Issue Number: 2004002
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PDFMarch 9, 2004