Canada's International Trade in Services - ARCHIVED

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This comprehensive source on international service transactions contains aggregate and detailed breakouts by type of service each year since 1989. Major categories are travel, transportation, commercial and government services. Commercial services, comprising a range of business and professional services are categorized by geographical area (United States, European Union and all other countries), industry, country of control (Canada, United States, other) and whether or not the service was with foreign affiliated companies; these details are presented from 1996.

New with the 1999 issue are annual breakdowns from 1991 of total services for 8 additional countries beyond the 47 already published. Each country is broken down into the following categories: travel, transportation, commercial and government services. For Canada as a whole, quarterly data for these same categories and 19 subcategories are also published from 1997, on both a raw and seasonally adjusted basis. The publication includes several pages of data analysis accompanied by graphics, definitions and data quality measures. Statistics are derived from surveys, administrative data and other sources.

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