Consumer expenditures during COVID-19: An exploratory analysis of the effects of changing consumption patterns on consumer price indexes

Articles and reports: 62F0014M2020010


Using various sources of expenditure data, Statistics Canada, in partnership with the Bank of Canada, has estimated Consumer Price Index (CPI) basket expenditures that reflect shifts in consumption patterns during the COVID-19 pandemic. The data cover the majority of CPI goods and services, and provide a snapshot estimate of expenditure weights for March, April and May, 2020. These estimates, updated to reflect recent expenditures during the pandemic and concurrent period of physical distancing, can provide insight into the impact of COVID-19 on the headline CPI.

Issue Number: 2020010
Author(s): Mitchell, Taylor; O'Donnell, Gerry; Taves, Rebecca; Weselake-George, Zachary; Xu, Alice

Main Product: Prices Analytical Series

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