Input-Output Model Simulations (Interprovincial Model)

Service: 36-23-0002


The input-output (IO) models are generally used to simulate the economic impacts of an expenditure on a given basket of goods and services or the output of one or several industries. The simulation results from a "shock" to an IO model will show the direct, indirect and induced impacts on GDP, which industries benefit the most, the number of jobs created, estimates of indirect taxes and subsidies generated, etc. For more details, ask us for the Guide to using the input-output simulation model, available free of charge upon request. At various times, clients have requested the use of IO price, energy, tax and market models. Given their availability, arrangements can be made to use these models on request. The interprovincial IO model was not released in 2015 or 2016.

Frequency: Unknown
Price: 1004.00