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In 2001, the total value of certain farm investments for environmental protection was $170.9 million, an average of $1,091 per farm. These investments accounted for a very small proportion of total investments by Canadian farmers.

In some cases, there are substantial differences in environmental protection investments between provinces and between farm types. Farms in Quebec, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia spend more on environmental protection, as do hog, dairy and poultry farms.

The data in this article are from the Farm Financial Survey (FFS). The data were collected by telephone interview from a sample of 18,000 farms with a gross farm income of $10,000 or more. The purpose of the survey is to collect financial data, chiefly on assets, debt, revenues, expenses and investments.

In 2002, for the first time, the survey collected data on the amount of money invested in 2001 in certain environmental protection improvements: manure storage systems; pesticide, chemical or fuel storage systems; and shelterbelts, windbreaks, buffer strips or fences for waterway protection.

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