The Impact of Business Innovation and Growth Support on Employment and Revenue of Manufacturing Enterprises, 1 to 3 Years After Receipt of Support

Articles and reports: 18-001-X2021001


The federal government offers business innovation and growth support through program streams managed by its departments and agencies. In 2017, enterprises in the manufacturing sector accounted for almost one-quarter of the beneficiaries of this support and received almost one-third of the total value of support (Statistics Canada, 2020). The objective of this analysis is to assess the impact of federal growth and innovation support on the employment and revenue of beneficiary enterprises in the manufacturing sector between 2007 and 2017. This analysis suggests that enterprises that received federal support for growth and innovation experienced stronger employment and revenue growth relative to non-beneficiary enterprises. Over the three years following receipt of support, employment growth for beneficiary enterprises averaged 1.8% per year while, on average, enterprises that did not receive support experienced employment declines. Over the same period, the average annual revenue growth of beneficiary enterprises was higher than that of non-beneficiary enterprises by 4.6 percentage points.

Issue Number: 2021001
Author(s): Demers, Francis
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