Measuring remoteness and accessibility: A set of indices for Canadian communities - ARCHIVED

Articles and reports: 18-001-X2017002


This working paper presents a methodology to measure remoteness at the community level. The method takes into account some of the recent literature on the subject, as well as new computational opportunities provided by the integration of official statistics with data from non-official statistical sources. The approach that was used in the computations accounts for multiple points of access to services; it also establishes a continuum between communities with different transportation infrastructures and connectivity while at the same time retaining the information on the community transportation infrastructures in the database. In addition, a method to implement accessibility measures to selected services is also outlined and a sample of accessibility measures are computed.

Issue Number: 2017002
Author(s): Alasia, Alessandro; Bédard, Frédéric; Bélanger, Julie; Guimond, Éric; Penney, Christopher
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HTMLMay 9, 2017
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