Accounting for ecosystem change in Canada, 2021

Articles and reports: 16-201-X2021001

Description: The report provides some of the latest statistics on the extent and condition of Canada's ecosystems, as well as estimates of the supply and use of selected ecosystem services. This has been accomplished through the use of ecosystem accounting, which involves the structured compilation of information on ecosystems such as forests, agro-ecosystems, wetlands, and marine and coastal areas, their condition or quality and the ecosystem services they provide, following the requirements of a coherent statistical framework.
Issue Number: 2021001
Author(s): Andrews, Jessica ; Henry, Mark; Wang, Jennie
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  • Correction: March 24, 2022

    The coral and sponge area was not correctly displayed on Map 2.3 Marine and coastal ecosystem extent: ecosystems and substrate, southern British Columbia coast. This map has been replaced.