The Provincial and Territorial Tourism Satellite Accounts for Canada, 1998 - ARCHIVED

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The measurement of tourism has been gaining world-wide interest in the last decade. The most common framework for this measurement has been the Tourism Satellite Account (TSA). The TSA measures tourism in terms of expenditures, gross domestic product (GDP) and employment. The Canadian TSA generally follows the guidelines adopted by several international organizations, including the United Nations Statistical Commission. Statistics Canada first published a TSA in 1994. Since then, several updates have been made and timely quarterly information is now available based on the TSA. According to the World Tourism Organization (WTO), over 35 countries have either completed a TSA or are in the process of developing one. Statistics Canada is one of only two countries, the other being Norway, to develop a regional TSA. This Provincial and Territorial Tourism Satellite Account (or PTSA) allows for a comparison of tourism among regions as well as among industries within a province or territory. This publication marks the release of the second PTSA by Statistics Canada. This release for 1998 follows a report published in 2002 for 1996. Tables in this report include both the new 1998 PTSA results and revised estimates for 1996. Concepts, definitions, sources and methods, including the changes in methods, are included in the appendix.

Issue Number: 2003040
Author(s): Barber-Dueck, Conrad; Kotsovos, Demi
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PDFJune 25, 2003

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