Nonsampling errors in dual frame telephone surveys - ARCHIVED

Articles and reports: 12-001-X201100111443


Dual frame telephone surveys are becoming common in the U.S. because of the incompleteness of the landline frame as people transition to cell phones. This article examines nonsampling errors in dual frame telephone surveys. Even though nonsampling errors are ignored in much of the dual frame literature, we find that under some conditions substantial biases may arise in dual frame telephone surveys due to these errors. We specifically explore biases due to nonresponse and measurement error in these telephone surveys. To reduce the bias resulting from these errors, we propose dual frame sampling and weighting methods. The compositing factor for combining the estimates from the two frames is shown to play an important role in reducing nonresponse bias.

Issue Number: 2011001
Author(s): Brick, J. Michael; Flores Cervantes, Ismael; Lee, Sunghee; Norman, Greg

Main Product: Survey Methodology

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PDFJune 29, 2011