Employment Transitions Among Older Workers Leaving Long-term Jobs: Evidence from Administrative Data - ARCHIVED

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This study documents the prevalence and nature of re-employment among workers who left long-term jobs in paid employment at age 50 or older. The analysis is based on a 28-year administrative panel dataset, the Longitudinal Worker File, capitalizing on its large sample size and detailed information on mobility across employers. The study examines the prevalence, time and covariates of re-employment as a paid employee and in unincorporated self-employment; the nature of paid re-employment, including job duration, mobility across industry and firm size; the distribution of average earnings in re-employment compared with the long-term job; and the covariates of low and high relative earnings in re-employment.

Issue Number: 2014355
Author(s): Bonikowska, Aneta; Schellenberg, Grant
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