The 2001 Canadian Census–Tax–Mortality Cohort: A 10-Year Follow-up - ARCHIVED

Articles and reports: 11-633-X2016003


Large national mortality cohorts are used to estimate mortality rates for different socioeconomic and population groups, and to conduct research on environmental health. In 2008, Statistics Canada created a cohort linking the 1991 Census to mortality. The present study describes a linkage of the 2001 Census long-form questionnaire respondents aged 19 years and older to the T1 Personal Master File and the Amalgamated Mortality Database. The linkage tracks all deaths over a 10.6-year period (until the end of 2011, to date).

Issue Number: 2016003
Author(s): Finès, Philippe; Labrecque-Synnott, Félix; Pinault, Lauren; Saidi, Abdelnasser; Tjepkema, Michael
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HTMLOctober 26, 2016
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