Departmental Results Report

Notices and consultations: 11-628-X


Departmental Results Reports (DRRs) are part of the Estimates family of documents. Estimates documents support appropriation acts, which specify the amounts and broad purposes for which funds can be spent by the government. The Estimates document family has three parts.

Part I (Government Expenditure Plan) provides an overview of federal spending.

Part II (Main Estimates) lists the financial resources required by individual departments, agencies and Crown corporations for the upcoming fiscal year.

Part III (Departmental Expenditure Plans) consists of two documents. Departmental Plans (DPs) are expenditure plans for each appropriated department and agency (excluding Crown corporations).


In support of the new Treasury Board Policy on Results and the government’s commitment to provide improved reporting to Parliament and to Canadians, the Part III Estimates documents are changing. The Departmental Plan (DP) replaces the Report on Plans and Priorities, and the Departmental Results Report (DRR) replaces the Departmental Performance Report. These new Part III Estimates documents have been designed to be easier to read and focus more on what departments and agencies are doing to achieve results for Canadians, while continuing to provide transparency on how taxpayers’ dollars are spent. They also provide links to additional financial and non-financial information on departmental websites and in the TBS InfoBase.

Frequency: Occasional
Available formats: HTML, PDF