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Table 2 
Innovative enterprises, by regions, for selected sectors, all surveyed industries, 2010 to 2012

Innovative enterprises, by regions, for selected sectors, all surveyed industries, 2010 to 2012
  Canada Atlantic region1 Quebec Ontario Alberta Rest of Canada2
All surveyed industries 63.5B 45.8E 60.9B 71.2B 62.1B 58.7E
Mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction 56.3B 28.4B 63.9B 70.3B 54.8B 57.0B
Manufacturing 74.8A 64.8B 82.6A 74.2A 68.3B 68.0B
Wholesale trade 56.7B 57.1E 54.6E 63.7E 58.8E F
Transportation and warehousing 55.9B 55.7B 48.8B 54.4B 74.1B 56.9B
Information and cultural industries 70.7B 90.1B 73.2B 61.7E 81.8B 82.0E
Finance and insurance 73.6B 66.2B 68.6E 77.9B 56.2E 83.5E
Professional, scientific and technical services 77.1B 70.3E 67.5E 90.7B 53.5E 72.3E
very reliable (standard error between 0% and 2.49%)
reliable (standard error between 2.50% and 7.49%)
use with caution
too unreliable to be published
The 2012 Survey of Innovation and Business Strategy (SIBS) estimates are provided as percentages accompanied by quality indicators. Data quality indicators are based on the standard error (SE) and number of observations in the estimates. Quality indicators for SIBS are the following: A is very reliable (SE between 0% and 2.49%); B is reliable (SE between 2.50% and 7.49%); E is use with caution (SE between 7.50% and 14.99%); and F is too unreliable to be published (SE greater than or equal to 15.00%).
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