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New data tables from the Canadian Housing Survey

2018 and 2021

(Released: 2023-03-31)

New Housing Price Index

February 2023

(Released: 2023-03-22)

Investment in building construction

January 2023

(Released: 2023-03-14)

Building permits

January 2023

(Released: 2023-03-03)

Building construction price indexes

fourth quarter 2022

(Released: 2023-02-08)

Canadian Housing Statistics Program: residential real estate investors in 2020

(Released: 2023-02-03)

Survey of Non-Bank Mortgage Lenders

third quarter 2022

(Released: 2023-01-17)

Housing economic account

1961 to 2021

(Released: 2023-01-16)

Stock and consumption of fixed capital


(Released: 2022-11-17)

Canadian Housing Statistics Program

2019 and 2020

(Released: 2022-11-10)

Households and the Environment: Radon awareness and testing


(Released: 2022-10-18)

Canada's Core Public Infrastructure Survey: Culture, recreations and sports facilities, and public social and affordable housing


(Released: 2022-09-27)

To buy or to rent: The housing market continues to be reshaped by several factors as Canadians search for an affordable place to call home

(Released: 2022-09-21)

Housing challenges remain for vulnerable populations in 2021

(Released: 2022-07-21)

Study: A portrait of Canadians who have been homeless

(Released: 2022-03-14)

Price trends in key Canadian housing markets

fourth quarter 2021

(Released: 2022-02-07)

Homelessness support is a growing sector of the labour force


(Released: 2021-11-22)

Open Database of Addresses

(Released: 2021-04-29)

COVID-19 mortality rates were higher for people living in apartments and larger households

(Released: 2021-04-13)

Canadian Housing Survey: Public use microdata file


(Released: 2021-02-24)

Trends in the Canadian mortgage market: Before and during COVID-19

(Released: 2021-02-17)

One in five Canadians with mental health-related disabilities lives in core housing need

(Released: 2021-01-28)

Survey of Household Spending


(Released: 2021-01-22)

Technical Report: Construction and Assessment of a Social Inclusion Index for the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation

(Released: 2021-01-05)

Study: The resilience and strength of the new housing market during the pandemic

(Released: 2020-10-05)

One in ten Canadian households living in core housing need in 2018

(Released: 2020-10-02)

Study: Price trends and outlook in key Canadian housing markets

(Released: 2020-07-21)

Housing characteristics and physical distancing

(Released: 2020-05-04)

Proximity Measures Database

(Released: 2020-04-17)

StatCan Blog: Canada's home for housing insight

(Released: 2020-01-27)

Canadian Housing Survey: A profile of first-time homebuyers


(Released: 2020-01-15)

Study: Housing, income and residential dissimilarity among Indigenous people in Canadian cities

(Released: 2019-12-10)

Release plan and concepts overview of the 2018 Canadian Housing Survey

(Released: 2019-11-01)

Experimental New Condominium Apartment Price Index

second quarter 2019

(Released: 2019-09-11)

New Housing Statistics Portal

(Released: 2019-08-09)

Study: Residential Property Ownership Among Refugees in Vancouver and Toronto

(Released: 2019-06-18)

The population living in shelters: Who are they?

(Released: 2019-04-15)

Measuring private short-term accommodation in Canada

2015 to 2018

(Released: 2019-03-14)

Study: Living alone in Canada

(Released: 2019-03-06)

Open Database of Buildings

version 2.0

(Released: 2019-03-01)

Ownership of Residential Property by Non-individuals


(Released: 2019-02-12)

Study: Immigrant ownership of residential properties in Toronto and Vancouver

2016 and 2017

(Released: 2019-01-29)

Study: Women living in subsidized housing


(Released: 2018-12-17)

Open building data: An exploratory initiative

(Released: 2018-11-01)

Residential property values


(Released: 2018-05-09)

Apartment Building Construction Price Index

fourth quarter 2017

(Released: 2018-02-13)

Housing in Canada: Key results from the 2016 Census

(Released: 2017-10-25)

Households and the Environment Survey: Dwelling characteristics


(Released: 2017-03-20)

Study: Income from owner-occupied housing

1969 to 2011

(Released: 2015-12-10)

Capital expenditures by type of asset

2012 (final)

(Released: 2014-07-16)

Flows and stocks of fixed residential capital

2013 (revised data)

(Released: 2014-06-11)

Canadian Survey of Economic Well-being


(Released: 2013-12-12)

2011 National Household Survey: Homeownership and shelter costs in Canada

(Released: 2013-09-11)

2011 National Household Survey announcement: new release date

(Released: 2013-08-14)

2011 National Household Survey announcement: Income and Housing

(Released: 2013-08-07)

Study: Trends in homeownership by age and household income

1981 to 2006

(Released: 2013-01-29)

2011 Census of Population advisory: Families, households, marital status, structural type of dwelling and collectives

(Released: 2012-09-12)

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