Older adults and population aging

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New retirement income microsimulation model now available

(Released: 2024-04-23)

Registered retirement savings plan contributions


(Released: 2024-04-02)

Study: "Sandwiched" between multiple unpaid caregiving responsibilities

(Released: 2024-04-02)

Nursing and residential care facilities


(Released: 2024-03-19)

Conceptualizing Canada's Care Economy

(Released: 2023-11-29)

Health of Canadians report


(Released: 2023-09-13)

Homelessness support is a growing sector of the labour force

(Released: 2023-05-10)

Financial expectations of retired Canadians

(Released: 2022-12-13)

More than half of women provide care to children and care-dependent adults in Canada


(Released: 2022-11-08)

New tables: language, age and gender, 2021 Census of Population

(Released: 2022-09-21)

Nursing and Residential Care Facility Survey


(Released: 2022-09-13)

Violence against seniors and their perceptions of safety in Canada

(Released: 2022-07-07)

Canadian Health Survey on Seniors


(Released: 2022-04-19)

Study: Women working in paid care occupations

(Released: 2022-01-25)

Differences in the characteristics of caregivers and caregiving arrangements of Canadians


(Released: 2022-01-14)

Canadian Health Measures Survey: Lower body strength and bone structure

2016 to 2019

(Released: 2021-10-27)

Study: Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Canadian seniors

(Released: 2021-10-18)

Study: The wealth of unattached men and women aged 50 and older

1999 to 2016

(Released: 2021-05-04)

Almost one-quarter of Canadian seniors are caregivers

(Released: 2020-11-24)

Data availability: Canadian Health Survey on Seniors


(Released: 2020-08-06)

Health Reports: Social isolation and mortality among Canadian seniors

(Released: 2020-06-17)

COVID-19 and social support for seniors

(Released: 2020-04-30)

Study: Examining the effect of public pension benefits on the low income of senior immigrants

(Released: 2019-12-03)

Study: Occupations with older workers

(Released: 2019-07-25)

Study: Evolving Internet Use Among Canadian Seniors

(Released: 2019-07-10)

Infographic: Seniors online

(Released: 2019-04-15)

Study: Debt and assets among senior Canadian families

1999 to 2016

(Released: 2019-04-03)

Study: The Long-term Effects of Employer-sponsored Pension Plans on Non-workplace Returns on Investments

(Released: 2019-01-14)

Study: Life satisfaction among Canadian seniors


(Released: 2018-08-02)

Study: A day in the life: How do older Canadians spend their time?

(Released: 2018-03-21)

Study: The impact of aging on labour market participation rates

(Released: 2017-06-14)

Canadian Megatrends: Seniors' income from 1976 to 2014: Four decades, two stories

(Released: 2016-11-10)

Study: Women in Canada: Senior women

(Released: 2016-03-30)

Study: New facts about financial literacy in Canada


(Released: 2016-03-23)

Study: The contribution of immigration to the size and ethnocultural diversity of future cohorts of seniors

(Released: 2016-03-09)

Study: Do workplace pensions crowd out other retirement savings?

(Released: 2015-12-21)

Long-term Care Facilities Survey


(Released: 2015-05-04)

Study: The local unemployment rate and retirement

1991 to 2007

(Released: 2015-04-22)

Study: Grandparents living with their grandchildren


(Released: 2015-04-14)

Study: Senior care: Differences by type of housing


(Released: 2015-02-25)

Study: Employer pensions and the wealth of Canadian families


(Released: 2015-01-15)

Study: New facts on pension coverage in Canada


(Released: 2014-12-18)

Study: End-of-life care


(Released: 2014-10-03)

Study: Canadians with unmet home care needs


(Released: 2014-09-09)

Study: Receiving care at home


(Released: 2014-06-13)

General Social Survey: Caregiving


(Released: 2014-03-31)

Study: Emerging trends in living arrangements and conjugal unions for current and future seniors

1981 to 2011

(Released: 2014-02-24)

Study: Employment transitions among older workers leaving long-term jobs

(Released: 2014-01-28)

Study: An Overview of the Working Lives of Older Baby Boomers

1983 to 2010

(Released: 2013-10-02)

Study: Caregivers in Canada


(Released: 2013-09-10)

Study: Consumption of culture by older Canadians on the Internet


(Released: 2013-01-30)

Study: Years to retirement

1998 to 2009

(Released: 2012-12-04)

Study: How the older unemployed look for work

2006 to 2010

(Released: 2012-08-22)

Study: Impact of widowhood and divorce on income replacement among seniors

1983 to 2007

(Released: 2012-06-20)

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