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Monthly civil aviation statistics

March 2018

(Released: 2018-05-31)

Monthly Passenger Bus and Urban Transit

March 2018

(Released: 2018-05-31)

Couriers and Messengers Services Price Index

April 2018

(Released: 2018-05-31)

Railway carloadings

March 2018

(Released: 2018-05-30)

Aircraft movement statistics: Major airports

March 2018

(Released: 2018-05-30)

Aircraft movement statistics: Major airports – Annual report


(Released: 2018-05-17)

New motor vehicle sales

March 2018

(Released: 2018-05-14)

Aircraft movement statistics: Small airports

January 2018

(Released: 2018-05-10)

Quarterly civil aviation statistics

fourth quarter 2017

(Released: 2018-04-25)

Rail transportation


(Released: 2018-04-25)

Annual civil aviation statistics


(Released: 2018-04-18)

Transportation Data and Information Hub

(Released: 2018-04-16)

Passenger Air Services Price Index


(Released: 2018-04-03)

For-hire Motor Carrier Freight Services Price Index

fourth quarter 2017

(Released: 2018-03-29)

Air fares

third quarter 2017

(Released: 2018-03-28)

Commodity Flows by Mode in Canada: Estimates from the new Canadian Freight Analysis Framework


(Released: 2018-03-28)

Canadian transportation economic account


(Released: 2018-03-27)

Dangerous goods incidents in Canada


(Released: 2017-12-08)

Revision of motor vehicle fuel sales

(Released: 2017-10-23)

StatCan Blog: Trade costs, borders and economic integration

(Released: 2017-09-22)

Study: Estimating the effect of provincial borders on trade

(Released: 2017-09-14)

Passenger bus and urban transit


(Released: 2017-08-18)

Scheduled air passenger origin and destination: Canada–United States


(Released: 2017-08-16)

Motor vehicle fuel sales


(Released: 2017-08-11)

Airport activity


(Released: 2017-07-31)

Vehicle registrations


(Released: 2017-06-29)

Aircraft movement statistics: Small airports – Annual report


(Released: 2017-06-27)

Trucking Commodity Origin and Destination Survey


(Released: 2017-05-12)

Service bulletin: Quarterly civil aviation statistics

First quarter to fourth quarter 2015

(Released: 2017-03-30)

North American Transportation Statistics


(Released: 2016-11-16)

Domestic regional trade flows in Canada: Experimental estimates from the new Surface Transportation File

2004 to 2012

(Released: 2016-09-22)

EnviroStats: Canada's shifting sands: Oil production, distribution and implications

2005 to 2014

(Released: 2016-07-12)

Service bulletin: Civil aviation operating statistics

January to December 2014

(Released: 2016-01-18)

Study: How much thicker is the Canada–US border? The cost of crossing the border by truck in the pre- and post 9/11 eras

1994 to 2009

(Released: 2015-07-24)

Study: Trucking dangerous goods in Canada

2004 to 2012

(Released: 2015-02-11)

Fuel Consumption Survey

first quarter 2014

(Released: 2014-09-12)

Domestic and international shipping


(Released: 2012-11-30)

Study: Trucking across the Canada-US border

2004 to 2009

(Released: 2012-11-19)

Quarterly Trucking Survey

from first to fourth quarter 2011

(Released: 2012-06-22)

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