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Vital Statistics in Inuit Nunangat

1994-1998 to 2009-2013

(Released: 2018-05-31)

Key Health Inequalities in Canada: A National Portrait


(Released: 2018-05-28)

Health Reports: Transitions to long-term and residential care among older Canadians

(Released: 2018-05-16)

Study: Association between the frequency of cannabis use and selected social indicators

(Released: 2018-05-03)


2015 and 2016

(Released: 2018-04-30)

National Cannabis Survey

first quarter 2018

(Released: 2018-04-18)

Health Reports: Reallocating time between sleep, sedentary and active behaviours

(Released: 2018-04-18)

Pilot Survey—Canadian Health Survey on Children and Youth


(Released: 2018-03-28)

Health Reports: Smoking among Inuit men and women in Inuit Nunangat

(Released: 2018-03-21)

Canadian Coroner and Medical Examiner Database

(Released: 2018-03-21)

Canadian Armed Forces Transition and Well-being Survey


(Released: 2018-03-14)

Deaths and causes of death


(Released: 2018-02-23)

Canadian Health Measures Survey: Arsenic and Paraben concentrations in Canadians

2014 and 2015

(Released: 2018-02-22)

Health Reports: Analysis of trends in the prevalence of cannabis use in Canada

1985 to 2015

(Released: 2018-02-21)

Cancer incidence in Canada


(Released: 2018-01-29)

Results of the Survey on Opioid Awareness

November 2017

(Released: 2018-01-09)

Métis family networks and hospitalization

(Released: 2017-12-20)

Nursing and residential care facilities (provisional estimates)


(Released: 2017-12-19)

Study: Experimental Estimates of Cannabis Consumption in Canada

1960 to 2015

(Released: 2017-12-18)

StatCan Blog: Ten years of measuring physical activity—What have we learned?

(Released: 2017-11-24)

Socioeconomic disparities in birth outcomes

(Released: 2017-11-15)

Canadian Community Health Survey: Combined data


(Released: 2017-11-07)

Childhood National Immunization Coverage Survey

2011 (revised data)

(Released: 2017-11-01)

Canadian Health Measures Survey: Indoor air volatile organic compound data

2014 and 2015

(Released: 2017-10-31)

Births and stillbirths


(Released: 2017-10-19)

Canadian Community Health Survey: Rapid response on prescriptions – cost-related non-adherence


(Released: 2017-10-10)

Canadian Community Health Survey


(Released: 2017-09-27)

Canadian Health Measures Survey: Environmental laboratory data

2014 and 2015

(Released: 2017-08-24)

Study: Low income among persons with a disability in Canada


(Released: 2017-08-11)

Measured body mass index, Canadian Community Health Survey – Nutrition


(Released: 2017-08-01)

New findings on the use of hospital services from new linked data

(Released: 2017-07-19)

Mortality: Overview, 2012 and 2013

(Released: 2017-07-12)

Canadian Health Measures Survey: Medication data

2014 and 2015

(Released: 2017-07-06)

Life After Service Survey


(Released: 2017-06-23)

Parent-child associations for physical activity and weight and projected body mass index

(Released: 2017-06-21)

Canadian Community Health Survey – Nutrition: Nutrient intakes from food and nutritional supplements

(Released: 2017-06-20)

Canadian Cancer Statistics


(Released: 2017-06-19)

Study: Women in Canada: Women with Disabilities

(Released: 2017-05-29)

Health Reports: Sun exposure and melanoma skin cancer

(Released: 2017-05-17)

Study: Over-education and life satisfaction among immigrant and non-immigrant workers in Canada

2009 to 2014

(Released: 2017-05-05)

Study: Age-specific patterns in the incidence of, and survival from, pancreatic cancer in Canada

(Released: 2017-04-26)

Canadian Health Measures Survey: Activity monitor data

(Released: 2017-04-19)

Study: Aerobic fitness, body mass index and health-related risk factors

(Released: 2017-03-28)

Canadian Health Measures Survey: Tap Water and Urine Fluoride Concentration Levels

2014 to 2015

(Released: 2017-02-22)

Study: Depression and suicidal ideation among Canadians aged 15 to 24

(Released: 2017-01-18)

Canadian Health Measures Survey: Spirometry data

2012 to 2015

(Released: 2017-01-12)

Study: Health care professionals and official-language minorities in Canada

(Released: 2017-01-06)

Households and the Environment Survey


(Released: 2016-12-16)


2012 and 2013

(Released: 2016-12-13)

Canadian Community Health Survey: Rapid response on risk factors for heart disease


(Released: 2016-12-12)

Canadian Health Measures Survey: Selected laboratory data

2012 to 2015

(Released: 2016-12-09)

Health indicators by Aboriginal identity

2011 to 2014

(Released: 2016-12-09)

Study: Difficulty accessing health care services in Canada

2003 to 2013

(Released: 2016-12-08)

Canadian Tobacco, Alcohol and Drugs Survey

2015 (updated)

(Released: 2016-11-09)

Study: The 2001 Canadian Census–Tax–Mortality Cohort: A 10-year follow-up

(Released: 2016-10-26)

Study: Updating the standard population and its effect on cancer incidence and mortality rates

1992 to 2012

(Released: 2016-10-20)

Study: Patterns and determinants of immigrants' sense of belonging to Canada and their source country

1980 to 2012

(Released: 2016-10-18)

Canadian Health Measures Survey: Household and physical measures data

2014 and 2015

(Released: 2016-10-13)

Deaths from congenital anomalies in Canada

1974 to 2012

(Released: 2016-09-29)

Health Reports: Physical activity and sedentary behaviour of Canadian children aged three to five

(Released: 2016-09-21)

Study: Health and work in the family: Evidence from spouses' cancer diagnoses

1992 to 2003

(Released: 2016-07-22)

Health Reports: Increasing survival from leukemia among adolescents and adults in Canada: A closer look

(Released: 2016-07-20)

Canadian Survey on Disability


(Released: 2016-07-05)

Study: Understanding your health by using reference ranges

2007 to 2011

(Released: 2016-06-27)

Helmet use in recreational activities


(Released: 2016-05-20)

Longitudinal and International Study of Adults


(Released: 2016-05-16)

Study: Prostate cancer trends in Canada

1995 to 2012

(Released: 2016-04-25)

Women in Canada: Women and health

(Released: 2016-03-08)

Canadian Community Health Survey: Public use microdata file

2013/2014 and 2014

(Released: 2016-03-07)

Canadian Survey on Disability: Seeing and hearing disabilities


(Released: 2016-02-29)

Canadian Community Health Survey: Unmet health care needs


(Released: 2016-02-09)

Study: Deaths involving sepsis in Canada

2000 to 2011

(Released: 2016-01-21)

Study: Lifetime suicidal thoughts among First Nations, Inuit and Métis

(Released: 2016-01-19)

Study: A profile of the labour market experiences of adults with disabilities


(Released: 2015-12-03)

Developmental disabilities among Canadians aged 15 years and older


(Released: 2015-12-03)

Canadian Survey on Disability: Data tables


(Released: 2015-12-03)

Study: The feasibility of adding treatment data to the Canadian Cancer Registry using record linkage

(Released: 2015-11-23)

Study: Deaths from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in Canada

1950 to 2011

(Released: 2015-11-19)

Canadian Health Measures Survey: Omega-3 fatty acid levels of adults

2012 and 2013

(Released: 2015-11-18)

Study: Flu vaccination rates in Canada

2003 to 2013–2014

(Released: 2015-10-27)

Canadian Health Measures Survey: Medication use and nutrient intake

2012 and 2013

(Released: 2015-10-20)

Study: The impact of mental health problems on family members


(Released: 2015-10-07)

Study: Childhood cancer incidence and mortality in Canada

1992 to 2010

(Released: 2015-09-22)

Study: Ovarian cancer: Survival statistics

1992–1994 to 2006–2008

(Released: 2015-09-10)

Study: Prevalence of obesity among children and adolescents in the United States and Canada

1976 to 2013

(Released: 2015-08-26)

Obesity among children and adolescents

1978, 2004 and 2009–2013

(Released: 2015-08-25)

Long-term Care Facilities Survey


(Released: 2015-05-04)

Canadian Community Health Survey: Injuries at work


(Released: 2015-04-28)

Study: Life satisfaction across census metropolitan areas and economic regions in Canada

2009 to 2013

(Released: 2015-04-20)

Canadian Health Measures Survey: Hearing loss of Canadians

2012 and 2013

(Released: 2015-04-15)

Study: Food insecurity in Canada

2007 to 2012

(Released: 2015-03-25)

Health Regions: Boundaries and Correspondence with Census Geography


(Released: 2015-03-17)

Study: Senior care: Differences by type of housing


(Released: 2015-02-25)

Canadian Health Measures Survey: Directly measured physical activity of Canadians

2012 and 2013

(Released: 2015-02-18)

Study: Trends in the incidence and mortality of female reproductive system cancers


(Released: 2015-02-17)

Canadian Health Measures Survey: Selected laboratory and activity monitor data

2012 and 2013

(Released: 2014-12-16)

Study: Life satisfaction among recent immigrants in Canada: Comparisons with source-country populations and the Canadian-born

(Released: 2014-12-10)

Study: Persons with disabilities and employment

(Released: 2014-12-03)

Study: Mental health of the Canadian Armed Forces


(Released: 2014-11-25)

Canadian Community Health Survey: Rapid response on tanning equipment use and laser beam exposure


(Released: 2014-11-24)

Community Noise and Health Study

2013 (revised data)

(Released: 2014-11-06)

Survey on Living with Chronic Diseases in Canada


(Released: 2014-10-30)

Study: End-of-life care


(Released: 2014-10-03)

Study: Understanding seniors' risk of falling and their perception of risk

2008 and 2009

(Released: 2014-10-01)

Study: Effects of cancer on the employment and earnings of cancer survivors

1992 to 2000

(Released: 2014-09-30)

Study: Young Canadians providing care


(Released: 2014-09-24)

Health services access statistics


(Released: 2014-09-11)

Study: Canadians with unmet home care needs


(Released: 2014-09-09)

Study: Inuit health: Selected findings from the 2012 Aboriginal Peoples Survey

(Released: 2014-08-26)

Canadian Forces Mental Health Survey


(Released: 2014-08-11)

Study: Ninety years of change in life expectancy

1921 to 2011

(Released: 2014-07-17)

Study: Receiving care at home


(Released: 2014-06-13)

Study: Adjusting the scales: Obesity in the Canadian population after correcting for respondent bias


(Released: 2014-05-28)

Study: Experimental measures of output and productivity in the Canadian hospital sector

2002 to 2010

(Released: 2014-04-23)

Health Profile


(Released: 2014-04-16)

Canadian Community Health Survey – Mental Health: Public Use Microdata File


(Released: 2014-04-03)

General Social Survey: Caregiving


(Released: 2014-03-31)

Canadian Community Health Survey: Rapid response on discrimination


(Released: 2014-03-14)

Potentially avoidable mortality statistics

2010 and 2011

(Released: 2014-02-18)

Causes of death

2010 and 2011

(Released: 2014-01-28)

Study: Breastfeeding Trends in Canada

2003 and 2011/2012

(Released: 2013-11-25)

Canadian Community Health Survey: Rapid response on access to health care services and waiting times


(Released: 2013-10-09)

Canadian Community Health Survey: Rapid response on food skills — mechanical skills and food conceptualization


(Released: 2013-10-01)

Canadian Tobacco Use Monitoring Survey


(Released: 2013-10-01)


2010 and 2011

(Released: 2013-09-25)

Study: Caregivers in Canada


(Released: 2013-09-10)

Health region level unemployment rates, population estimates, and dependency ratios


(Released: 2013-05-21)

Canadian Community Health Survey: Rapid response on food skills – knowledge, planning and transference of skills


(Released: 2013-05-14)

The Functional Foods and Natural Health Products Survey


(Released: 2013-05-06)

Health indicator profile, by linguistic characteristic


(Released: 2013-04-03)

Canadian Health Measures Survey: Combining full sample, fasted and activity monitor data

2007 to 2011

(Released: 2013-03-01)

Survey of Neurological Conditions in Institutions in Canada


(Released: 2013-02-13)

Study: Select health indicators of First Nations people living off reserve, Métis and Inuit

2007 to 2010

(Released: 2013-01-29)

Health indicator profile for census metropolitan areas and influence zones


(Released: 2013-01-28)

Canadian Community Health Survey: Income imputation

2005 to 2010

(Released: 2013-01-21)

Study: Vitamin D blood levels of Canadians


(Released: 2013-01-10)

Barriers to Care for People with Chronic Health Conditions


(Released: 2012-12-18)

Survey on Living with Neurological Conditions in Canada


(Released: 2012-12-12)

Health Indicators for the Inuit Nunangat regions

2004 to 2008

(Released: 2012-12-10)

Canadian Health Measures Survey: Fact sheets and tables related to select laboratory data

2009 to 2011

(Released: 2012-11-29)

Canadian Community Health Survey: Rapid response on the awareness, use and understanding of Canada's Food Guide


(Released: 2012-11-28)

Canadian Health Measures Survey: Select laboratory, activity monitor and indoor air data

2009 to 2011

(Released: 2012-11-21)

Canadian Community Health Survey: Neurological conditions prevalence files


(Released: 2012-09-18)

National Population Health Survey


(Released: 2012-09-12)

Study: Suicide rates, an overview

1950 to 2009

(Released: 2012-07-25)

Leading causes of death


(Released: 2012-07-25)

Residential care facilities


(Released: 2012-07-17)

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