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Cyber security incidents experienced by industry and enterprise size 1

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Table: 22-10-0076-01


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This table displays the results of Cyber security incidents experienced by industry and enterprise size.
The table type is Simple.
The information is grouped by North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) (appearing as row headers).
For the column header, Row 1 is Cyber security incidents, Row 2 is Size of enterprise, Row 3 is Geography, Row 4 is Reference period.
A symbol legend follows the table.
Business was impacted by cyber security incident(s)
Total, all enterprises
Canada (map)
North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)2017
Private sector 20.8A
Agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting 2 15.0B
Mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction 27.2B
Oil and gas extraction 44.3B
Mining and quarrying (except oil and gas) 22.2B
Support activities for mining, and oil and gas extraction 25.0B
Utilities 31.7A
Electric Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution 31.8B
Natural gas distribution 34.9A
Water, sewage and other systems 28.4A
Construction 3 20.5B
Manufacturing 25.5A
Wholesale trade 27.2B
Retail trade 16.1A
Motor vehicle and parts dealers 28.7B
Furniture and home furnishings stores 26.1B
Electronics and appliance stores 21.1B
Building material and garden equipment and supplies dealers 11.7B
Food and beverage stores 5.2A
Health and personal care stores 17.5B
Gasoline stations 10.5B
Clothing and clothing accessories stores 13.3B
Sporting goods, hobby, book and music stores 20.1B
General merchandise stores 16.5B
Miscellaneous store retailers 13.2B
Non-store retailers 26.1B
Transportation and warehousing 22.3A
Air transportation 35.0B
Rail transportation 30.8A
Water transportation 15.1A
Truck transportation 19.9B
Transit and ground passenger transportation 20.1B
Pipeline transportation 45.0A
Scenic and sightseeing transportation 24.1B
Support activities for transportation 26.0B
Postal service 16.1A
Couriers and messengers 22.9B
Warehousing and storage 30.0B
Information and cultural industries 30.1A
Publishing industries 31.8B
Motion picture and sound recording industries 17.2B
Broadcasting 37.3B
Telecommunications 38.5B
Internet service providers, web search portals, and data processing services 30.2B
Other information services 36.6B
Finance and insurance 32.6A
Monetary authorities-central bank and credit intermediation and related activitivies 4 47.4B
Securities, commodity contracts, and other financial investment and related activities 27.4B
Insurance carriers and related activities 26.8B
Funds and other financial vehicles 33.0B
Real estate and rental and leasing 27.3B
Professional, scientific and technical services 27.3A
Legal services 30.5B
Accounting, tax preparation, bookkeeping and payroll services 25.6B
Architectural, engineering and related services 32.4B
Specialized design services 26.1B
Computer systems design and related services 29.2B
Management, scientific and technical consulting services 29.5B
Scientific research and development services 29.0B
Advertising and related services 21.2B
Other professional, scientific and technical services 15.5B
Management of companies and enterprises 5 36.1B
Administrative and support, waste management and remediation services 19.8B
Educational services 22.8A
Elementary and secondary schools 24.4B
Community colleges and C.E.G.E.P.s 29.2B
Universities 45.6A
Business schools and computer and management training 29.5B
Technical and trade schools 20.8B
Other schools and instruction 20.0B
Educational support services 29.9B
Health care and social assistance 13.1A
Ambulatory health care services 12.9B
Hospitals 19.6A
Nursing and residential care facilities 15.6B
Social assistance 12.5B
Arts, entertainment and recreation 16.1B
Accommodation and food services 17.2B
Other services (except public administration) 6 23.0B

Symbol legend:

A : data quality: excellent
B : data quality: very good

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