Share of immigrants settling in Ontario is decreasing

  • Of the immigrants who settled in Canada during the 2010/2012 period, about three-quarters (75.2%) chose to live in Quebec, Ontario or British Columbia. This proportion was lower than in 2000/2002, when approximately 9 in 10 (89.6%) immigrants settled in these three provinces.
  • In 2010/2012, two out of five (40.2%) immigrants settled in Ontario, the largest share among the provinces and territories. However, this share was smaller than in 2000/2002 (58.8%).
  • In 2010/2012, Quebec, the Prairie provinces and, to a lesser extent, the Atlantic provinces, have attracted a larger proportion of immigrants compared to the 2000/2002 period, a situation that might be related to the introduction of some new immigration programs from Citizenship and Immigration Canada, such as the Provincial Nominee Program.

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