Two-thirds of the population declare Christian as their religion

  • According to the 2011 National Household Survey, the largest religion in Canada was Christianity. About 22.1 million people—or just over two-thirds (67.3%) of the population—reported that they were affiliated with a Christian religion. Catholics were the largest Christian religious group in 2011, at 12.8 million people.
  • In 2011, about 2.4 million people, or 7.2% of Canada’s population, reported affiliation with Muslim, Hindu, Sikh and Buddhist religions. This was up from 4.9% a decade earlier, as recorded in the 2001 Census. The largest of these religions was Muslim, with just over one million individuals identifying themselves as such in 2011, representing 3.2% of the nation's total population.
  • The 2011 National Household Survey data also showed that roughly 329,500 people identified themselves as Jewish, 1.0% of the population. An additional 64,900 people reported that they were affiliated with traditional Aboriginal spirituality.
  • About 7.9 million people, nearly one-quarter of the population (23.9%), had no religious affiliation. This was up from 16.5% a decade earlier, as recorded in the 2001 Census.
Table 4
Distribution (number) of population in private households by religion, Canada, 2011
Table summary
This table displays the results of Distribution (number) of population in private households by religion. The information is grouped by Religion (appearing as row headers), Number (appearing as column headers).
Religion Number
Total population in private households 32,852,320
Buddhist 366,830
Christian 22,102,745
Anglican 1,631,845
Baptist 635,840
Catholic 12,810,705
Christian Orthodox 550,690
Lutheran 478,185
Pentecostal 478,705
Presbyterian 472,385
United Church 2,007,610
Other Christian 3,036,780
Hindu 497,965
Jewish 329,495
Muslim 1,053,945
Sikh 454,965
Traditional (Aboriginal) Spirituality 64,935
Other religions 130,835
No religious affiliation 7,850,605
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