Chart 10
Proportion of women and men aged 25 to 54 whose youngest child in the household is under the age of 16 participating in various child-care tasks, Canada, 2010

Chart 10

Data table for Chart 10
Data table for chart 10
Table summary
This table displays the results of Data table for chart 10 Women and Men, calculated using percent units of measure (appearing as column headers).
Women Men
Routine child-care tasks
All routine child-care tasks 76.1 56.7Note *
Preparing food and feeding 23.9 13.5Note *
Putting to bed 47.0 30.0Note *
Personal care and getting ready for school 49.1 25.3Note *
School administration, medical and other educational and non-educational care 42.2 25.2Note *
Child engagement, development, and education
All tasks related to child engagement, development, and education 39.2 27.4Note *
Helping, teaching, and reprimanding 10.3 4.1Note *
Reading 9.3 4.1Note *
Conversation/talking 5.5 3.0Note *
Playing 24.1 20.5Note *
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