Table 1
Aboriginal population, Canada, 2006

Table 1
Aboriginal population, Canada, 2006
Table summary
This table displays the results of Aboriginal population. The information is grouped by Aboriginal population appearing as row headers and is grouped by Females, Males, Females as a % of the Aboriginal group appearing as column headers, calculated using number and % as a unit of measure.
Aboriginal population Females Males Females as a % of the
Aboriginal group
number % number %
Total – Aboriginal identity population 600,695 100.0 572,095 100.0 51.2
First Nations 359,975 59.9 338,050 59.1 51.6
Métis 196,280 32.7 193,500 33.8 50.4
Inuit 25,455 4.2 25,025 4.4 50.4
Multiple Aboriginal identities 4,055 0.7 3,685 0.6 52.4
Other 14,930 2.5 11,830 2.1 55.8
Notes: 'First Nations' refers to those who identified as 'North American Indian' (includes both Status and non-Status Indians).
'Multiple Aboriginal identities' refers to those who reported belonging to more than one Aboriginal group (First Nations, Métis and/or Inuit).
'Other' includes those who did not affiliate with an Aboriginal group but who have Registered Indian status and/or band membership.
Source: Statistics Canada, Census of Population, 2006.
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