Classification Guide for the Canadian Framework for Culture Statistics 2011


The Classification Guide for the Canadian Framework for Culture Statistics 2011 was written by Marla Waltman Daschko, former Chief of the Culture Statistics Program, and Mary K. Allen, a senior researcher and analyst with the Culture Statistics Program at Statistics Canada. Their work involved a widespread consultation process inside and outside the department to bring this document to completion. We gratefully acknowledge their outstanding contributions, knowledge and commitment to culture statistics.

This guide was developed with the significant support of a Culture Statistics Program project team, including project manager, Erika Dugas and Chief, John Zhao. The Director of Demography Division, Johanne Denis, provided valuable oversight. Thanks are also due to the entire CSP staff for their on-going assistance.

Like the Conceptual Framework for Culture Statistics 2011, the Guide has benefited from a long-standing relationship between the Culture Statistics Program and the Department of Canadian Heritage. In particular, the Policy Research Group played a useful role through their review of drafts of the Guide. Also critical was the involvement of colleagues from Statistics Canada's Standards Division, who provided indispensable advice regarding the use of classification standards for culture. In particular, we would like to thank Paul Whiteley, Michael Pedersen, and Debra Mair for their help. In addition, we gratefully acknowledge Greg Peterson and Service Industries Division, for their meticulous review of the text. Finally, we acknowledge Statistics Canada's National Advisory Committee on Culture Statistics, which has been a stalwart supporter and advisor for the entire project.

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