Table 1
Proportion of parents by existence and type of arrangement for spending time or making major child-related decisions

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Type of arrangements Arrangements for spending time Arrangements for making major decisions
Parents without arrangement 38 39
Parents with an arrangement, total 62 61
Verbal arrangement 24 30
Written arrangement, total 41 29
prepared by partners alone 5E 4E
used other resources, total 36 26
used court services 13 9
with help of lawyers 12 7
judgment ordered 14 10
Total parents 100 100
Note: Some respondents have multiple responses where arrangements for different children involved different types of arrangements. Thus, percentages do not add up. Also, some percentages do not add up due to don't know/not stated responses. Parents are persons who divorced or separated between 2001 and 2006 with dependent children.
Source: Statistics Canada, General Social Survey, 2006
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