Table 1
Rates of selected mental or substance use disorders, lifetime and 12 month, Canada, household population 15 and older, 2012

Table summary
This table displays the results of table 1: rates of selected mental or substance use disorders lifetime and 12-month, calculated using percentage units of measure (appearing as column headers).
  Lifetime 12-month
Mental or substance use disorders Note 1 33.1 10.1
Substance use disorderNote 2 21.6 4.4
Alcohol abuse or dependence 18.1 3.2
Cannabis abuse or dependence 6.8 1.3
Other drug abuse or dependence (excluding Cannabis) 4.0 0.7
Mood disorderNote 3 12.6 5.4
Major Depressive Episode 11.3 4.7
Bipolar Disorder 2.6 1.5
Generalized Anxiety Disorder 8.7 2.6
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