Health Regions: Boundaries and Correspondence with Census Geography
Map 12 British Columbia Health Regions, 2015

Map 12 British Columbia Health Regions, 2015

Description for Map 12

This map shows the sixteen Health Service Delivery Areas in British Columbia. East Kootenay, code 5911, is coloured brown. Kootenay-Boundary, code 5912, is coloured medium green. Okanagan, code 5913, is coloured light yellow. Thompson/Cariboo, code 5914, is coloured dark green. Fraser East, code 5921, is coloured light green. Fraser North, code 5922, is coloured green. Fraser South, code 5923, is coloured red. Richmond, code 5931, is coloured pink. Vancouver, code 5932, is coloured yellow. North Shore/Coast Garibaldi, code 5933, is coloured light pink. South Vancouver Island, code 5941, is coloured dark green. Central Vancouver Island, code 5942, is coloured purple. North Vancouver Island, code 5943, is coloured olive green. Northwest, code 5951, is coloured red. Northern Interior, code 5952, is coloured orange. Northeast, code 5953, is coloured grey.

Health Service Delivery Areas are outlined by a thin black line and labeled in black text with their four digit health region code.

Water features are displayed on the map for reference purposes. Linear water features appear on the map as a thin blue line while water bodies are shaded blue. Some cities are labeled in black text, for reference purposes.

Source: Statistics Canada, Health Regions: Boundaries and Correspondence with Census Geography, (82-402-X). Produced by the Statistical Registers and Geography Division for the Health Statistics Division, 2015.

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