Table 12
Oilsands processing operations

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Oilsands processing operations
Table summary
This table displays information on oilsands processing operations. During the processing in the oilsands plants and in the heavy oil upgraders, hydrogen treatment of heavy crude is caries out, a process which results in a volumetric gain in the amount of crude oil which the plants produce. The row headers provide information on the inputs and the products produced. The column headers provide information in thousands of tonnes and megalitres.
  thousands of tonnes megalitres
Oilsands mined 536,718
Bitumen processed 1 61,672
Products produced 2from processed bitumen  
Synthetic crude oil 3 52,455
Diesel 887
Still gas 5,950
Sulphur 1,993
Petroleum coke 8,553
Represents bitumen processed into specific products from oil sands mined.
Differences between products produced and bitumen processed are accounted for in plant uses, processing losses, etc.
Included in the crude oil column in Alberta.
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