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Correction notice

Correction date: January 18, 2023

Selected estimates have been corrected on the tables entitled Direct sales of agricultural products to consumers, Census of Agriculture, 2021; Succession plan for the agricultural operation, Census of Agriculture, 2021; and Renewable energy production, Census of Agriculture, 2021.

Correction date: November 1st, 2022

On November 1st, 2022, all estimates for the total number of farms corresponding to the categories “farms with one operator” and “farms with two or more operators” have been corrected on the table entitled Characteristics of farm operators: Age, sex and number of operators on the farm, Census of Agriculture, 2021.

This tool presents detailed 2021 Census of Agriculture information for the following levels of geography: Canada, Province or territory, Census Agricultural Region (CAR), Census Division (CD) and Census Consolidated Subdivision (CCS). Users can select up to two places for data comparisons. As a place name is typed, all available matches will be presented for selection.

Important note: When searching for a place within a CCS, the tool will only retrieve information corresponding to the whole CSS that place belongs to.

This visual will timeout after 30 minutes of inactivity. Refreshing the page will reload the visual; however, any changes made will be lost.

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The data used to create this interactive web application is from the following listed data tables:

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Note to readers

The data for Yukon and the Northwest Territories are not included in the national totals and are presented separately.


Guide to the Census of Agriculture, 2021

Definitions, data sources and methods: Census of Agriculture

Census of Agriculture: Reference Maps, 2021

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