Forests in Canada

Human Activity and the Environment 2017 was prepared by the Environment, Energy and Transportation Statistics Division under the direction of Kevin Roberts (Director), Carolyn Cahill (Assistant Director), François Soulard (Chief), Jennie Wang (Editor) and Gabriel Gagnon (Land Accounts Manager).

Analysis and reporting were performed by:

Catherine Burpee, Wilfreda Edward-Dolcy, Gabriel Gagnon, Katharine Strong and Jennie Wang.

Recognition is given to the following people and areas for their support in data development and production, map and infographic production, review, translation and dissemination of this report:

Catherine Burpee, Mark Henry, Hugo Larocque, Katelyn Strauss, Katharine Strong, Lilyana Topchienkova, Statistical Information Service, Translation and Editing Services and Publishing Services.

The support and co-operation of the following federal departments is also gratefully acknowledged:

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada: Bahram Daneshfar and Andrew Davidson.

Environment and Climate Change Canada: Douglas MacDonald and Sandra Bolanos.

Natural Resources Canada: Jean-Sébastien Chevrier, Susy Domenicano, Andrew Dyk, Yuan Fang, Minet Prinsloo, Graham Stinson, Lorie Wagner and Mike Wulder.

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