Supply and Use Tables

Release date: November 8, 2023

The supply and use tables focus on measuring the productive structure of the economy. They trace production of products by domestic industries, combined with imports, through their use as intermediate inputs or as final consumption, investment or exports. The system provides a measure of value added by industry—total output less intermediate inputs. These tables can be used to calculate economy-wide gross domestic product (GDP) either directly, by summing value added over the industries, or indirectly, by  summing to the economy-wide cost of primary inputs (income-based GDP) or by computing the grand total of the flow of commodities into final demand categories (expenditure-based GDP).

For more information, users should consult the Canadian supply and use tables related to this product.

Data tables

Reference period
2020 CSV (59MB) | XLSX (340MB)
2019 CSV (61MB) | XLSX (402MB)
2018 CSV (55MB) | XLSX (399MB)
2017 CSV (55MB) | XLSX (401MB)
2016 CSV (54MB) | XLSX (401MB)
2015 CSV (54MB) | XLSX (401MB)
2014 CSV (54MB) | XLSX (398MB)
2013 CSV (60MB) | XLSX (393MB)
2012 CSV (34MB) | XLSX (221MB)
2011 CSV (34MB) | XLSX (221MB)
2010 CSV (34MB) | XLSX (222MB)

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