Provincial and Territorial Tourism Satellite Account (PTTSA)

The PTTSA provides an economic measure of the importance of tourism in terms of expenditures, gross domestic product and employment for each of the provinces and territories. It permits a comparison of tourism with other industries within a province or territory since the concepts and methods used are based on the framework of the Canadian System of National Accounts.

The Tourism Satellite Account has become the internationally accepted framework by which to measure tourism activity in an economy. The Canadian Tourism Satellite Account, both national and regional, follow the international guidelines adopted by the United Nations Statistical Commission and are rooted in the Canadian System of National Accounts

The Tourism Satellite Account provides a coherent framework within which to integrate and analyse economic statistics relevant to tourism, both on the supply (i.e., industry) side and on the demand (i.e., tourist) side. It also defines what are considered to be the tourism commodities and the tourism industries, and consequently has helped to shape the development of tourism statistics in Canada and in the provinces and territories.

The Provincial and Territorial Tourism Satellite Account (PTTSA), follow identical accounting principles coming from Canadian System of National Accounts. The PTSA is essentially a number of small TSAs which, when summed together, total to the national TSA. All industry classifications, commodity details and definitions are the same.

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